Livva, ( born as Olga Korsak ) is a Toronto based singer, songwriter, and actress. She is also a former Olympic figure skater. Previously, LIVVA achieved recognition back in 2014 with her self - released debut album " Behind closed doors ", which sold more than 10,000 copies in Canada. Born and raised in Latvia, Korsak led a promising figure skating career until she suffered a back injury during the world championship when she was 17. After a long recovery, Korsak started to teach herself piano and take vocal lessons while developing a new love for creating music. Feeling the need for new challenges, she moved to Toronto, Canada in 2010.

"Minusx2" was her first single from her EP "This is Livva" back in 2018 with more than 50k Spotify streams and 280k youtube views. After releasing her 2nd single "You", she got nominated for Canada's Notable Awards as the best new artist. Her latest two singles "Isn't It Funny" and "Last Summer " was released in early 2020. Followed by the two singles, she released "Love Me Until I'm Me Again" in late 2020. All of her songs gained over 50K streams on Digital platforms. She also wrote a soundtrack for the movie The Petrichor, premiered at Moscow International film festival Oct 2020, and won Best Original Song at Venice Film Awards, Track Music awards and American golden picture international film festival.