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Cool, credible & captivating are three words to describe “LIVVA”, a contemporary pop singer/songwriter with a compelling sound that is uniquely her own.

Real name Olga Korsak, she was born in the European country of Latvia and now resides in Toronto Canada. Multitalented, she is also an actress and a former competitive figure skater. After a serious back injury that caused her to retire from skating, two qualities she didn’t leave behind were courage & discipline.

In 2018, the self-taught pianist released her debut single “Minusx2” which went on to receive over 100,000k views on Spotify, an amazing feat for a debut single. Conquering attention for her follow-up single “You”, the song was nominated for “Best New Artist” at Canada’s notable awards.


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In 2020 she secured the lead role in the film, “The Petrichor”, triumphantly winning 7 awards for “best Actress” and taking a Venice Film Award & Tracks Music Award for writing the soundtrack “Not afraid to fall”

After a string of single releases, it was tracks like “I don’t want to be you anymore” & her latest 2021 release “The lucky one” which showcases her incredible talent as an intriguing songwriter.

LIVVA is an inspirational artist who reaches high in all her endeavors. There’s a lot more to come from LIVVA.   


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